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Church Planting In Sydney

Feb 24, 2013   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting

The average Australian has a diminishing knowledge and understanding of who Jesus is. Planting vibrant smaller COMMUNITY and FAMILY focused churches is a way of reaching the Sydney suburbs.


Boot Camp in Nakhodka

Feb 11, 2011   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting, Uncategorized

APRIL 2011 visit to Nakhodka via Korean Airlines disembarking in Vladivostok. This is our very first visit this far north of Russia on the edge of Siberia We will be working with amazing Australian Pastors from Sydney and Byron Bay NSW. Church Planting is the LIFE BLOOD of any movement like NEW CONVERTS are the LIFE BLOOD of any church.

Thermals are the way to go as the temperature goes as low as -30 during the winter season. Now that will be a testing for two Queensland born Italians!

Coaching and Mentoring

Sep 14, 2010   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting

There is no doubt that combining coaching and mentoring for key leaders on the front line directly affects longevity and fulfilment of ministry. We are now beginning to take on new mentoring appointments. Some of these will be with the senior pastor, and others will be with both the pastor and their spouse. Some mentoring will also include meetings with elders and leadership teams.

Profile of a Church Planter

Jul 9, 2009   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting

What does a church planter look like?

The Church Planter is a man or woman who breaks through the status quo. These people  are entreperneual people who discover, invent and try new things. They are adventurers at heart. New frontiers are what excites them.

10 Reasons Not To Plant a Church

Mar 3, 2008   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting

10 Reasons Not To Plant a Church

1. If you need a job or need the money

2. If it is the only way you can get to preach

3. You have a pet theory/something to prove

4. You have never led anyone to Christ or killed any lions and bears

5. If your wife/husband/family is not with you

6. If you are spear heading a church split

7. If no one is sending/supporting you (Romans 10:14-15)

8. If you are a new convert without training or testing

9. If you do not honor the sending movement

10. If you intend to miss district/state conferences