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Church Planting In Sydney

Feb 24, 2013   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting

The average Australian has a diminishing knowledge and understanding of who Jesus is. Planting vibrant smaller COMMUNITY and FAMILY focused churches is a way of reaching the Sydney suburbs.



May 13, 2011   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Missions

Check out these photos from our visit. We visited a bible college training school for church planters in Nakhodka, Russia. Nakhodka is a city impossible to forget. This city is the most southern port in the east of Russia on the edge of the Siberian boarder. It was discovered in 1859. Now this city has 150,000 people.







Putera Aman Mission School

Feb 11, 2011   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Blog, Missions

Putera Aman Assembly(PAA) MISSION SCHOOL

The Objective

The objective of the Putera Aman Mission School is to mobilize the whole church to be involved in some sort of practical mission work (short-term foreign missions, local missions and urban missions). The school has been running annually for the last 3 years. Putera Aman Assembly gets a great response from the congregation. Last year they had nearly 200 participants out of which 60% were involved in mission work in 2010.

The Focus

The focus for 2011 is on Church Planting. The Mission School is focusing on preparing the Church in basic theological and scriptural foundations.


At the end of this school(Sunday) there will be a commissioning service for those who would like prayer and anointing with oil. It is at these times that God’s prophetic word often flows like a river to equip, empower and validate those that are willing to go.

Boot Camp in Nakhodka

Feb 11, 2011   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting, Uncategorized

APRIL 2011 visit to Nakhodka via Korean Airlines disembarking in Vladivostok. This is our very first visit this far north of Russia on the edge of Siberia We will be working with amazing Australian Pastors from Sydney and Byron Bay NSW. Church Planting is the LIFE BLOOD of any movement like NEW CONVERTS are the LIFE BLOOD of any church.

Thermals are the way to go as the temperature goes as low as -30 during the winter season. Now that will be a testing for two Queensland born Italians!

Coaching and Mentoring

Sep 14, 2010   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting

There is no doubt that combining coaching and mentoring for key leaders on the front line directly affects longevity and fulfilment of ministry. We are now beginning to take on new mentoring appointments. Some of these will be with the senior pastor, and others will be with both the pastor and their spouse. Some mentoring will also include meetings with elders and leadership teams.

Profile of a Church Planter

Jul 9, 2009   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting

What does a church planter look like?

The Church Planter is a man or woman who breaks through the status quo. These people  are entreperneual people who discover, invent and try new things. They are adventurers at heart. New frontiers are what excites them.

10 Reasons Not To Plant a Church

Mar 3, 2008   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Church Planting

10 Reasons Not To Plant a Church

1. If you need a job or need the money

2. If it is the only way you can get to preach

3. You have a pet theory/something to prove

4. You have never led anyone to Christ or killed any lions and bears

5. If your wife/husband/family is not with you

6. If you are spear heading a church split

7. If no one is sending/supporting you (Romans 10:14-15)

8. If you are a new convert without training or testing

9. If you do not honor the sending movement

10. If you intend to miss district/state conferences

Woden, Chisholm and Canberra News

Feb 29, 2008   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Blog

New Plant in Canberra

Canberra has a new plant in Woden. The Sunday services have been in existance for just a few months. February 16th -17th will be a time of training and ministry in the area of the Spiritual Gifts. Practical training will available for all believers to experience the power of God in operating the Gifts.

References will be made to the Ministry Gifts in Ephesians chapter 4; the Motivational Gifts in Romans chapter 12 and the Spiritual Gifts in 1 Corinthians chapter 12. The ballance and necessity of Charater and Charisma working in harmony in our lives will be a key focus of these sessions.

Life City Church meets on Sundays 10.30am at the Woden Youth Centre in Callam Street. Joshua and Angela Reading and their two beautiful boys are much loved by their team and are excited about the growth they have experienced in the last few months.

Our recent visit was inspiring to see both sets of parents attending the training sessions. Joshua’s parents pastor in Cooma and support them in this amazing journey. As we travel around this nation we can see the blessing of having parents and family memebers work together to bring in the harvest. The love and support needed by the lead couple is often lacking and to see such beautiful team work makes our job so much more rewarding.


Pastor David & Angie Armstrong are working with an exciting new project in Chisholm with the Aboriginal Community. Each Sunday afternoon 30-50 primary school aged chilren bring themselves to the KIDS OUTREACH at the local school. Up to 10-12 mothers, aunties and grandmothers come along to enjoy the lively music, games and bbq sponsored by Nation Light Church in Canberra. Plans are being made toward a KIDS CLUB school holiday program during the July holidays. The work needs a couple who live in Chishom to take up the lead and run with this heart touching amazing work. In all my years of travel we have not seen more beautiful and gentle children full of laughter and fun. Sally Roo the (Aboriginal Clown) bounced along with us this trip and face painted, sang and told the most amazing stories. God continues to bless the work with willing servants who come to sing, share thier stories and teach them God’s word.


On our return home we called in for a quick visit with the beautiful Pastor John & Angela Abakah in goulburn Christian Life Centre. What a joy it was as we all prayed for the very new ministry called, “Velocity” primarily for people 18 to 30 year olds. They meet at 2/40 Citizen Street. Where else would you be able to walk out the door after picking up a bag of ‘free’ apples but Goulburn? This is a beautiful city with approximately 24,000 people.

Kohima Nagaland India

Jan 25, 2008   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Missions


October 2007 saw the birthing of a new church in the city of Kohima. Pastor T. Angami and the local pastors from many of the local Churches look forward to having Australians return with training seminars and youth concerts. While Kohima is a very Christian City – this state is in deep need and hunger of discipleship.

Many of the young people do not read their Bible, pray or have assurance of their salvation. Sadly they refer to themselves as being “born” Christians.

Again we saw so much poverty and subsistance living amongst these beautiful people. While there is an abundance of locally grown food families are reduced to the lowest level of hygiene and health as they struggle to survive from day to day.

Kohima is surrounded by over 2,000 unreached people groups. The AOG training college has a vision to train and send couples to each of these towns and cities that do not have a work . The AOG Superintendent, Pastor T. Angami took us through the college and we saw with our own eyes the very basic standed of living that they operate in. Many of the floors are still earthen floors, windows have no glass, class rooms have no chairs and the library for the student body had less books than on our home library. Where ever we went big smiling faces welcomed us and asked when would we return to help them train their leaders. Our goal is to return and bring an Australian Band for the Youth at night and then have various electives for training of leaders during the day specialising in a Women’s Event and a Men’s Afternoon. Negotiations with Planetshakers is an unfolding dream. The plan would be to work with the KL Planetshakers plant and then go to Kohima…all within just 3 to 4 days. Are you interested? Just let us know.