About Us

Planting a church is the most rewarding thing we can think of. Leaving a legacy that leads people to Christ, brings families together, lifts those sitting in the dust to stand up tall and inspiring God’s people to take up the cause of Christ is our greatest desire. We just love it. It beats riding the bike, sitting safely in a church seat, going fishing, shopping, making money or eating spaghetti!

Global Frontier Inc exists as a catalyst to missions and church planting movements.

Global Frontier Inc seeks to support and mentor leaders and church planters by providing training and personal encouragement.

Church planting healthy churches is our comsuming passion as it fulfils the great commission to reach the lost and the great commandment to love one another.

Mark and LinaMark and Lina

Mark and Lina Cavallaro have been in full time ministry for almost 28 years. In their early years they both trained with Pastors David and Marie Cartledge in Calvary Temple Townsville Australia.

Mark had a powerful conversion at 21 years and Lina at 19 years of age. Mark and Lina come from Roman Catholic backgrounds originally wanting to become a priest and a nun in their younger days. They have a passion for personal evangelism, pioneering and mentoring the next generation.

Their first church plant was in Singleton N.S.W in a coal mining town when a request was made to start an Assembly of God work from scratch. Within 8 short years the church grew to 360 members with a primary school built on 13 acres at the entrance of the town.

Singleton Christian Family became the fastest growing country church in N.S.W. Many drug addicts and counter culture young people were saved and discipled.

Mark served on the N.S.W Church Planting team called ‘Expansion Ministries’ overseeing new Church Plants.

In 1991 Mark joined the Glad Tidings Tabernacle Church (now called Brisbane City Church) in Brisbane City as associate Pastor oversighting its Church Planting arm and missions.

1993 saw the birth of a brand new work on the north side of the city called, “Albany Hills Christian Church”. Within just 5 years the Lord blessed the work with the purchase of 7 acres followed by the completion of a brand new building in 2000. Albany Hills has grown to become a strong thriving church of 600 with multiple ministries into the community. In 2005 the completion of the coffee shop called ‘Café Connections’ carrying the Gloria Jeans coffee lines was opened.

In 1997 they founded a charity; ACTS INC (Australian Care & Trauma Services) with 9 other branches with numerous recovery programs for sexually abused women, youth, unemployed and high school youth. Other programs included the Refugee Assistance Program providing accommodation for refugees from various countries. Lina also served as the Director of ACTS.

Lina was mentored by one of Australia’s first ordained woman Pastors, Pastor Delma Geary. Her passion is to train the next generation of women leaders to be leaders of leaders and to take their place with their husbands, on church boards and in ministry teams all over the world.

Lina has written 3 study books which have been translated into Russian; complied a 12 month distance education course specifically designed for women and a 9 week finishing school for high school students called; “Boys N’ Girls”.

Mark and Lina have an Aquilia Priscilla style of ministry lecturing in Bible Colleges, leading Marriage Seminars, Church Planting Boot Camps, Revival Crusades, Women’s Conferences and Mentoring/Supporting Church Planters. Mark and Lina’s speaking engagements have taken them to India, Ukraine, Poland, Malaysia and Italy (their parent’s home land).

Mark and Lina have oversighted 12 church plants and 2 major church building programs both coming on or under budget. Their greatest assets to building the kingdom have not been lands and dollars but men and women willing to lead.

In early 2007 they created Global Frontier Inc, where they coach and mentor pastors and couples in the ministry. Over the last few years, the mentoring has grown rapidly extending to Jervis Bay, Helensburgh, Thirroul, Batemans Bay, and interstate.

They are currently based at Shirelive in Sutherland Sydney with Pastors Michael and Valery Murphy, where they are pioneering one of their satellite churches – Shirelive Bayside, in Rockdale. They have seen great growth from a very small start, with an average of 90 people, in the last 18 months.