“Mentoring is a journey on which the mentor accompanies the mentee from where they are to the place God wants them to be.”

Mentoring Matters, page 97

  • Mentoring sessions are facilitated by the mentor but led by the Holy Spirit. The mentor will review the previous meeting, discuss with the mentee progress on any action items, and lead the mentee through a process of prayer, discussion and questions designed to bring revelation and action in the various dimensions of life.
  • As mentors, we will be available anytime during an emergency, and at other times as agreed – to provide specific accountability, to bring clarity, or to generally encouragement.
  • We will keep confidences. Confidences are deemed to be those disclosures made by either the mentor or mentee that if discussed with others could cause embarrassment, ridicule or hurt.
  • We will be honest and transparent during our discussions within a relationship of mutual trust, respect and grace.
  • We agree to pray for one another between and during mentoring sessions.

“Mentoring is a safe relationship of acceptance and confidentiality.”

Mentoring Matters, page 85

“A Christian mentor is not so much a person with the right answers as a person with the right questions who walks the road of discovery with others.’’

Mentoring Matters, page 66

Mentee’s deserve to be mentored by a mentor who seeks to be: 

  • Godly: a true disciple, settled in God, anchored in the Bible and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
  • Safe: keeps confidences, has selfless motivation and does not wield power.
  • Authentic: will allow themselves to be known, are honest about their own weaknesses and have courage to speak the truth in love.
  • Calm: patient, tolerant and deals effectively with stress.
  • Relational: listens perceptively, communicates freely and enjoys being with their mentee.
  • Positive: truly believes in their mentee, is an encourager, are faith-filled and inspire confidence.
  • Self-aware: have a realistic assessment of their abilities and limitations.
  • Self-controlled: lives out the demands of life wisely, are free from destructive addictions and compulsions, and maintain good habits of personal and spiritual healths
  • Other-centred: delight to give to others for their benefit, do not expect anything in return and do not seek recognition.

Mentors are looking for mentees who will:

  • Be devoted to Christ: they desire to be like Christ, serve Him wholeheartedly, and submit to the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Be open: accepts new ideas, are willing to change and listen for God’s voice.
  • Be determined: are not satisfied with the ways things are, push through barriers, and exercise self-discipline.
  • Be honest: are non-evasive, are proactive in relevant issues, own their own opinions, and do not create false impressions.
  • Reflect: reflect on their lives, prepare good questions, and consider what is said.
  • Take action: refuse to be passive, make clear decisions, make specific plans and carry them through.
  • Take responsibility: own their failures and successes.
  • Respect boundaries: sensitive in their demands, maintain confidentiality, and do not take advantage of their mentor.
  • Show appreciation: acknowledge the value of mentoring, are considerate and pray for their mentor.