Kohima Nagaland India

Jan 25, 2008   //   by Mark and Lina   //   Missions


October 2007 saw the birthing of a new church in the city of Kohima. Pastor T. Angami and the local pastors from many of the local Churches look forward to having Australians return with training seminars and youth concerts. While Kohima is a very Christian City – this state is in deep need and hunger of discipleship.

Many of the young people do not read their Bible, pray or have assurance of their salvation. Sadly they refer to themselves as being “born” Christians.

Again we saw so much poverty and subsistance living amongst these beautiful people. While there is an abundance of locally grown food families are reduced to the lowest level of hygiene and health as they struggle to survive from day to day.

Kohima is surrounded by over 2,000 unreached people groups. The AOG training college has a vision to train and send couples to each of these towns and cities that do not have a work . The AOG Superintendent, Pastor T. Angami took us through the college and we saw with our own eyes the very basic standed of living that they operate in. Many of the floors are still earthen floors, windows have no glass, class rooms have no chairs and the library for the student body had less books than on our home library. Where ever we went big smiling faces welcomed us and asked when would we return to help them train their leaders. Our goal is to return and bring an Australian Band for the Youth at night and then have various electives for training of leaders during the day specialising in a Women’s Event and a Men’s Afternoon. Negotiations with Planetshakers is an unfolding dream. The plan would be to work with the KL Planetshakers plant and then go to Kohima…all within just 3 to 4 days. Are you interested? Just let us know.